Start with a bit of self love this Valentines – by eating a way your body will love you for. For this very first Nourish gathering Colette Bardelle and Louise Ramsden are offering a unique cook’s taster menu at the 2nd Lovely Merchants event at the Victoria. Louise and Colette are true foodies with backgrounds in nutrition and holistic cookery (amongst other things) are combining their skills to bring you a very special lunch ( and

A roll-call of different sized sharing dishes brought to your table creating an informal banquet atmosphere where food and conversation flows. Their food is hand-made and infused with genuine passion for Californian cuisine, specialist ingredients and the best nature and London has to offer. Their menu offers vegan, vegetarian, wheat-free, raw and low GI options.

Dishes from the full menu include: Thyme Chickpea Cake, Pesto Stuffed Mushrooms, Black Sesame Salmon and Banana and Brown Bread Icecream! The full menu will be posted shortly.

To reserve please call 07587 194975 or email

Be one of the fist to experience Flourish. Pre booking is essential – price £19.50